To have desires is human. Minimal desires are the one which are sprouted from the Four Fountains of Life – Food, Sleep, Sex and Self preservation. Desire is a positive emotion which can become negative to greed and obsession, this happen with the un evolved ego due to ignorance.

The Universe is ever expanding and the expansion of your domain of knowledge is part of the Universe’s expansion. All desires start as thoughts and manifests itself after inspired action if the thought is nurtured with emotions the manifestation is faster.

What are thoughts – they could be said to be electro magnetic charge which causes some action to be executed. When we have unfulfilled desires we are unhappy causing you to have negative emotions. These unfilled desires are the reason the person is reborn again to full fill those desires.

If your feel emotionally positive your may not have any pending desires or you understand the process and allow the manifestation to happen at the right time. If you feel emotionally negative you are in resistance to some thing the Universe has still to manifest.

Desire can be of many types – for material things, for an ideal partner, a stable adequate livelihood, for healthy well behaved progeny, for an adequate living place, for social acceptance, for good health and list goes on.

Desires when driven by excessive ego and without due respect to another are the cause of eventual pain even when manifested.

The Desire process is natural and should not be avoided. The restraining of the desire process when the desire current is directed not at the object of desire but inwards is called Pratyahara. This is a spiritual process for God Realization and not for the uninitiated.

So have desires – Wake up in the morning and ask your self.

What do I want today ?

Why do I want it ?

How do I want to feel about it ?

auroraborialis1You will get the answer and your strong vibration of what you want will be sent into the Universe for sending a matching vibration to start manifesting your desires. Allow a buffer of time for the Universe to complete the manifestation. In the mean time you should detach from the outcome and wait without thinking about the absence of manifestation. The Universe needs time to send the manifestation which could be slightly different from your expectation. When manifestation occurs thank the universe with heartfelt gratitude. And so goes the cyclic process of the Desire process. The only reason your desires will not manifest is if you were not detached from the outcome – you were thinking continuously why has my desire not manifested – you will be thinking from lack, which will attract lack as per the Law of Attraction.

This will make you a deliberate creator of your own world. How can one say that ? says YOU

Before the Universe was made in the form we now perceive it, there was nothing accept the Void, Ether, Shunya.

Then there were the Bosons which are particles having no mass but had an electro magnetic or a gravitational force attached to it.

The Human Thought form also conforms to the definition of Boson , the intensity could be different.

They have tentatively discovered the Higgs Boson or God Particle on March 2013 at CERN in Switzerland. The existence of this energy was mentioned in the scripture 5000 years ago. It was said that all creation being and non being is vibrational.

In the void the only sense which would work would the sense of hearing. The primordial sound OM is of that antiquity.

When the Boson or God Particles are in motion in the universe, this could be created by a thought form of the Creator, and when they find a symmetrical medium they produce mass. So the first Element Air was created. Air could be felt and heard. With more vibrations Fire was created so this Element could seen, heard and felt. Then with the more vibrations the Water was created, this element can be tasted,seen,felt and heard. Finally the mother of all vibrations created the solids – Earth, this element can be smelt,tasted,seen,felt and heard

The Elements – Air, Fire, Water, Earth all encapsulated in the Ether are the canvas where all beings and non being are created and return to.

The Human mind creates thoughts just like bosons and transmits them to the Universe. They are redirected to the appropriate symmetrical medium and the process of manifestation starts. When you are in a meditative state your mind is calm and still, which forms the symmetrical medium. So your random thoughts could be coming from the Universe.

Basis of life is Freedom and purpose of life is joy- for every one. Have compassion and love for all and desire what you want to your hearts content.

Capt Sarab Sandhu

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