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I have started a routine to have a flat belly and to loose weight.

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Take this once a day. To consume First thing in the morning. Two scoops in water .

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Take this with the shake in the morning. Two capsule With you dinner at 6 PM take two more capsules.

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To buy this in February 2018 Chandigarh for Heart Health and increased blood flow to internal organs.

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This is for Surjit to stop headaches/migraine. Any body can take this to prevent decay of mind with age.

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This take two pouches once in the morning once at night – General tonic for anti aging. Specially for all ladies, chacha & chachi.

I am taking all these products and can say if you want to look smart and healthy take these.

You should read and see what these supplement does to your body and also TRUST me.

How much are you prepared to spend to get 15 years of added healthy life ?

Love and to your success.

Live long and prosper.

Sarab Sandhu

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